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04 Nights / 05 Days Package                                            Valid Till End Of 2012
Arrival to Lebanon -Transfer to Hotel - Check-in - Overnight
Beirut Apt
Dog River – Jeitta Grotto – Harissa By Cable Car – Jounieh
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Dog river: Nahr El Kalb, known as the "Dog River," runs inland from the coast south of Jounieh. Visitors come to this area to see the inscriptions left by armies throughout the ages, from the cuneiform inscription of Nebuchadnezzar II to the Latin inscription of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius Antonius to the British-led Desert Mountain Corps.
Jeita grotto: Recognized as one of the most magnificent limestone caves in the world. It is the largest cave in Lebanon (9,050m long). First discovered in 1836, the cave serves as the source of the Nahr Al Kalb (Dog River).
Harissa: Harissa is the seat of the Papal Nuncio in Lebanon and is the most important site for religious pilgrims in Lebanon. Harissa is most famous for its large statue of the Virgin Mary, opened in 1908. There are about 20 churches and monasteries of several denominations in the area.
Jounieh : Jounieh has grown into a bustling city with modern buildings and active night life stealing the show from Beirut. Its shopping centers, hotels and restaurants compete with the best in the world.
City Tour in Beirut (Pigeon Rock – Downtown)
Chouf Mountains – Der Al Qamar – Beiteddine – Moussa Castle – Barouk River
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Pigeon Rock: a group of natural arched rock formations off the coast of Beirut , especially beautiful at sunset. 
Downtown: the trendy solidere area of downtown Beirut which is beautifully restored and center for family outings, cafes, shopping and leisurely walks .the buildings are magnificent architectural gems .It is also home to several notable mosques & churches and the national parliament building.
Chouf Mountains; Der Al Qamar With its distinctive narrow streets, stone steps, and historic buildings and palaces, Deir El-Qamar resembles an open-air museum. From the 16th to 18th centuries, the picturesque village served as the residence of the Ottoman appointed governors of Lebanon, beginning with Fakhreddine II.
Beiteddine: it was built by the emir’s 3 sons: Qassim, Khalil and Amine; and the Beiteddine Festival. Today Emir Khalil's palace is used as the Serail of Beiteddine, the seat of local administration. As for the palace of Emir Amine, which dominates the Beiteddine complex; it was beautifully restored and converted into a luxury hotel by the Ministry of Tourism
Moussa Castle: Now used as a museum, the five-level Moussa Castle demonstrates Lebanon’s traditional way of life and moments in history. Animated scenes and statues depicting Lebanese culture comprise three floors of the castle, while the other two floors hold eastern and Arabic weapons collections that date from as recently as 1945 to more than 4000years old
Barouk River: Barouk is a pleasant summer resort town in the Chouf, known for its abundant springs and open-air restaurants. Barouk is distinguished by its large Cedar forest, which is part of the Chouf Nature Reserve.
Byblos – Tripoli – Cedars – Qadisha Valley
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Byblos:  A thriving modern town built upon multiple layers of ruins, Byblos is a mix of sophistication and tradition. A contender for the title of “oldest continuously inhabited city,” Byblos is part of the coastal area once known as Canaan or Phoenicia. Modern scholars believe the site of Byblos dates back at least 7,000 years (5,000-4,000 BC). The city’s current name is taken from the Greek word for “papyrus” (paper). Byblos was not only a major trading center and producer of papyrus, but is also famous for being the city where Phoenician scholars created the world’s first alphabet. Byblos has extensive archaeological ruins which have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The ruins range from Stone Age huts to a Roman theater to a Persian fortress and an impressive Crusader castle. Take a walk through the medieval quarter of the city and explore the old souqs (markets), the medieval ramparts, and several beautiful old churches.
Tripoli: The second largest city which has seen many empires, with an infamous souk, the 5,000 year old Tripoli Castle, and one of the oldest ports in the world. Tripoli was founded by the Phoenicians 800 BC. Modern day Tripoli combines the past and present with many historical structures dating back to the Crusade and Islam periods, still standing intact and inhabited. Particularly famous are the old Souks or “Khans” where tradesmen still trade since thousands of years ago. Tripoli is particularly famous for its Middle Eastern desserts and Sweets.
Cedars: Simply known as the “The Cedars,” this resort settlement in Lebanon’s highest range is one of the most dramatically beautiful spots in the country. Its centerpiece is an ancient grove of cedars, a tree synonymous for millennia with Lebanon itself. Just below The Cedars is the town of Bsharre, birthplace of Gibran Khalil Gibran. The scenery and the quality of the snow make The Cedars an exceptional skiing venue.
Qadisha valley (In north Lebanon, the “Holy Valley” spreads from Bcharreh to the coast. Classified under UNESCO's world heritage, its countless caves, chapels and monasteries as well as its luxuriant vegetation transformed it into the most famous natural site of Lebanon. The Qadisha Valley region is a prime destination for nature enthusiasts, with abundant opportunities for hiking and trekking, mountain climbing, caving, and other natural exploration
Breakfast – Check-Out – Transfer to Apt - Departure
Beirut Apt

Rate Includes:

-          Meet and Assist Upon Arrival and Departure

-          Accommodation 04 Nights on BB Basis in Dbl Room

-          Transfer Apt/Htl/Apt by Private Car, Mini Bus or Bus

-          Transportation for 03 Days tour by Private Car, Mini Bus or Bus

-          Entrance fees to all Historical and Touristic Sites mentioned in the tour

-          Professional Guide (advise Language) for 03 Days tour

        -       All Taxes Net  In Us Dollars
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