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1. Regular Visa
  Individuals traveling on their own should hold Syrian visa on their passport prior to arrival. Travelers without a valid visa may have their entry denied at the border. Visa is delivered at border for all Arab countries nationals and for citizens of countries where Syria has no diplomatic representation.

When a holder of a Syrian visa exits from the country and comes back within on month from his departure date, he can apply for a new visa upon arrival at any border.

2. Tourist Visa
  To ease the issuance of a visa for tourists entering Syria, Concerned authorities in Syria has issued a new regulation. From one person and over, for a tour arranged by a travel agency in their country and organized by a licensed Syrian travel agent. Visas are issued upon arrival for almost all nationalities (restriction is for some Asian countries) free of charge. Please refer to us for more information.

Tourist visas are delivered at any Syrian border. A detailed Passport Manifest should include the following information: First and family name, father's first name, date and place of birth, passport number, passport expiry date, profession, nationality. Travelers entering Syria with a passport Manifest should arrive and depart together. If one or more persons plan to quit Syria on a different date or from a different border than the rest of the group, a separated Passport Manifest should be issued.

The passport list, drawn up on agency's papers with header, should be faxed or e-mailed to us before arrival. Five original copies of the passport list should be brought with the "group". All copies should be stamped and signed. Passports should be valid for minimum 6 months after departure date. Passports should not bear any Israeli stamps.

 For visa formalities, the presence of our assigned guide either on arrival or on departure is mandatory.

3. Departure Tax
  Border departure tax 500 SYP - (11 USD)

4. Airport Tax
  Airport departure tax is 1500 SYP - (33 USD) per person.

5. Language
  The official language in Syria is Arabic. English and French are widely spoken.

6. Climate
Syria is the land of constantly shining sun, even in winter, and during the summer clouds are hardly ever seen in the sky. The four seasons are quite distinct from one another in Syria. The average temperature is as follows:

Spring22 °C
Summer32 °C
Autumn23 °C
Winter12 °C